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Georgia Valet Services – Atlanta's Top Valet and Parking Service

Georgia Valet Services

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ANNOUNCEMENT: Georgia Valet has gone through some AMAZING changes! As the company has evolved, so must the website!  We’re still committed to our communities in Roswell, Marietta, Atlanta, etc. and will always provide the best white glove service available.  It is because of that commitment to community that we’ve chosen our next big thing!!!  Keep checking back for more good news and thank you for always thinking of Georgia Valet Services!

Atlanta has long been known for their hospitality and love of a good party.  When you’re running any kind of event, from a charity luncheon all the way to a special night at your restaurant, it is imperative that you make a positive first impression. Your valet service should be as memorable as the event itself. Georgia Valet Services will help you make a memorable night by being reflective of our clients and their vision, and totally enhance the uniqueness of each individual gala.

Our parking services can adjust to meet your demand; the officers as well as some staff spans two decades of valet services in Atlanta. We have been the “first” face of innumerable hotels, nightclubs, restaurants and private events. Making positive, lasting impressions takes more than taking keys from a customer, handing them a ticket and parking their car. Lasting impressions are made by providing reliable, trustworthy and friendly valet service. Any valet company will park a car, but we offer so much more.

Andy Pringle founded Georgia Valet Services on the strict tenet of “The customer is always right.” He always strives to provide white-glove, curbside service for even the smallest event.  A premier provider of valet services in Atlanta as well as the Southeast, Georgia Valet Services works with not only our clients, but also their caterers, musicians, support staff, etc. in order for each valet experience to operates seamlessly and flawlessly. Each valet partner always has an intimate understanding of all the venue’s parameters and is very familiar with Atlanta traffic as well as management on staff or able to be contacted at a minutes notice thanks to a partnership with an cutting-edge IT firm aiding in our logistical planning.

Georgia Valet Services will be proud to work any event, be it for 25 or 2500 or more of your closest friends having a picnic in Piedmont Park in beautiful Downtown Atlanta, planning a year in advance or scrambling for next week, and through a vast network of small businesses, can help you with any other aspect of your event including promotional assistance. We are always willing to go that extra mile to help accommodate any of our client’s needs.

While attending the automobile door, our final thank you to the customer solidifies the total dining or entertainment experience. Therefore, the customer’s initial and final impression of your business establishment are the perfect “bookends” to a wonderful and most memorable day.

Can YOU afford to be represented by less than Top Quality and True Professionalism? There’s only one name for top quality in the Atlanta valet parking game, and thats Georgia Valet Services.