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The 2015 Spartan Race “Marches” into Georgia 3/7 and 3/8…prepare for glory!!

What is your profession?

For Spartans it was War!!

No matter what our contribution to society is, we can all benefit from a touch of Spartan philosophy. Strengthen the heart/spirit and unite the body/mind to become warriors.  I am learning with age and faith to fight the good fight and let go of the conflicts that are out of my control. A true warrior knows the surest way to victory is to avoid a fight all together. In Spartan times bloodshed was inevitable, but todays warriors fight a different enemy that often times is merely ourselves. The key is to master our desires and intellect, not become slaves to them.

Georgia Valet Services is privileged once again to assemble a small army to serve the Spartan community for this years 2015 Spartan Race www.spartanrace.com Saturday March 7 & 8 at the Georgia International Horse Park in Conyers, GA. Over the 2 day period (4 days with preparations) my team will log well over “300” man hours and be set up and prepared for battle each day at 4:30am.

The event gathers over 7500+ volunteers, spectators and participants for the weekend. We have the challenge of drawing up and implementing a strategy for all parking concessions. There are far too many tasks to begin to list in detail but some of which are, assembling my team for a daily pre-war rally, 12 hours of continuous chatter and buzzing of radio and cellphone communications (imagine if Sparta had T-mobile), police escorts and assistance behind the lines to cover 2 square miles of ground while coordinating with my command team at each station gathering reports on car/body/revenue counts.

All in all, my profession is people, service and cars. I embrace the Spartan spirit and have a personal connection to this event each year as it always lends us a reminder. When the pressures of life and work or the pain of training and conditioning become so plentiful that they blot out the sun….we as warriors will stand and fight in the shade

This isn’t madness… This.. Is… SPARTAAAAA(n race in Conyers GA)

Georgia Valet Services is proud to announce that they will be running the parking concessions for the Georgia Spartan Race. Visit http://www.spartanrace.com/georgia-obstacle-racing-spartan-sprint-conyers.html for more information on how you can see some of Georgia’s toughest contestants race for the glory! With 5,000 people expected to be in attendance, we’ll hold a spot just for you!

New Year, Same Service?

Every year, companies say that “We’ve been doing it right for n amount of years!” and refuse to change.  In a constantly changing town like Atlanta, you have to change with it, or you get left behind.

Within the next few weeks, Georgia Valet Services will be offering some new benefits to you, our favorite customers.  I can’t go into detail as to what the changes are juuuuuust yet, but knowing our company and our commitment to getting things done right, you know it’s going to be huge!

Now that the weather looks like it’s going to be clearing up and we’re back on a warming trend, now would be a great time to talk with an associate about your next private event.  You have to catch the best or get stuck with the rest!

Here’s to a happy, healthy and prosperous 2012 Atlanta.

The Holidays are here Atlanta!!

It’s that most wonderful time of the year!  Thanksgiving dinner with all the trimmings and football games galore!  Just remember to make your reservations early as most of your favorite restaurants are filled up since November 26th of last year.  Oh and also remember to put on your combat gear for the Black Friday and rest of the holiday shopping rush at Atlanta’s favorite shopping venues!

Here are a few tips on surviving this holiday season with the help of your friendly, courteous Atlanta based Valet Attendants:

  1. Allow a little extra time and patience.  Even though Georgia Valet has the finest valet parkers in Atlanta, sometimes sheer volume can make for a stressful situation.
  2. Send the “scout” ahead.  When you are getting ready to leave, have one person head on out to the valet area to see just how crowded it is.  If it’s not too crowded, the “scout” can let the party know that you’re all good to go then give the valet the ticket but let him know that you have some members behind you.  The valet will appreciate this and can pull your car up accordingly.  Bonus part is a nice warm (or cool depending on how Mother Nature feels) car that’s there right on time!
  3. Georgia Valet is here to help you.  If you’re from out of town, looking for something different to do, or just have never been in this area before, feel free to ask your Valet for some tips or directions on where to go or what to do after your dinner or drinks.  And believe you me, Georgia Valet Services attendants know THE best spots in Atlanta.
  4. Smile.  Our attendants will always greet you with one of their biggest ones, share one back!  Makes you feel good and brightens up Atlanta.

For those of you who are planning a holiday event, don’t forget that we have white glove service available for any and all events.  Click on the Contact Us tab for more information.

Welcome to our new website

Georgia Valet Services has been a faithful business partner of many organizations for many years.  With the change of ownership, we decided to change our look to reflect our changes in services offered as well as our newest partnerships.  Our core beliefs and quality of service has not changed, but a new commitment to excellence is going to be the driving force to help make Georgia THE area for business meetings, special events, and parties.  Enjoy our new site and we look forward to serving you today and well into the future.

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