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Event Planning Tips – Georgia Valet Services

Event Planning Tips

Congratulations, you have been chosen to plan your next major event!  After the feeling of “they trust me!” wears off, you may find yourself asking the age old question, “Where do I begin?”

Luckily, we have staff that are well versed in the event planning ways and can help you prepare for your event, but in the event you want to strike out on your own, here are a few things to remember.

  1. Your Valet Service
    If you require the services of a top notch professional and awesome valet company, make SURE the valet service you are about to hire is fully licensed and insured.  Ask for copies of their license and insurance binders to make sure they are current!  Your valet service should know if any additional permits are needed in order to park your guests cars, but in case they aren’t a full service agency, always check with your local government agency or call the non emergency number for the local police department nearest to the venue.
  2. Will there be special Loading/Unloading needs?
    You’ve went ahead and ordered the finest foods, got the hottest entertainers out there, and some celebrity guests that need a quick getaway.  If your valet service is unaware of these needs when doing the initial survey, all that effort may be for naught.  Make sure you know where all loading/unloading zones are for the caterers and make sure your valet service can accommodate your honored/celebrity guests.
  3. How many guests are arriving and when will they be getting there?
    You don’t need an exact headcount, but your valet service should have an approximation in order to staff correctly during peak reception hours.  The worst thing you can do is make your guests wait a while to have their cars retrieved/parked.
  4. Is there enough parking close by?
    The valet service will be able to maximize your parking spaces, but make sure the valet drop off area is close to the entrance of your function.  If the parking attendant has to run a block away to retrieve the vehicles or if your driveway is far from the entrance, expect to hire a few extra people or even possibly rent a golf cart/golf shuttle.
  5. What about the Weather?
    They have a saying in Atlanta: If you don’t like the weather, wait 10 minutes for it to change.  BUT on the occasion where Mother Nature has other ideas, you have to make sure your guests and all their preparation for your gala event do not go to waste by getting soaked while waiting for their cars.  Make sure your parking service has tents, umbrellas, ice scrapers, etc. in order to ensure that his Armani Tux and her Donna Karan haute couture gown stays in pristine condition.