What is your profession?

For Spartans it was War!!

No matter what our contribution to society is, we can all benefit from a touch of Spartan philosophy. Strengthen the heart/spirit and unite the body/mind to become warriors.  I am learning with age and faith to fight the good fight and let go of the conflicts that are out of my control. A true warrior knows the surest way to victory is to avoid a fight all together. In Spartan times bloodshed was inevitable, but todays warriors fight a different enemy that often times is merely ourselves. The key is to master our desires and intellect, not become slaves to them.

Georgia Valet Services is privileged once again to assemble a small army to serve the Spartan community for this years 2015 Spartan Race www.spartanrace.com Saturday March 7 & 8 at the Georgia International Horse Park in Conyers, GA. Over the 2 day period (4 days with preparations) my team will log well over “300” man hours and be set up and prepared for battle each day at 4:30am.

The event gathers over 7500+ volunteers, spectators and participants for the weekend. We have the challenge of drawing up and implementing a strategy for all parking concessions. There are far too many tasks to begin to list in detail but some of which are, assembling my team for a daily pre-war rally, 12 hours of continuous chatter and buzzing of radio and cellphone communications (imagine if Sparta had T-mobile), police escorts and assistance behind the lines to cover 2 square miles of ground while coordinating with my command team at each station gathering reports on car/body/revenue counts.

All in all, my profession is people, service and cars. I embrace the Spartan spirit and have a personal connection to this event each year as it always lends us a reminder. When the pressures of life and work or the pain of training and conditioning become so plentiful that they blot out the sun….we as warriors will stand and fight in the shade